About Maine Born & Stayed

Just a young woman from Maine, wandering around this beautiful state/New England in search of: Adventures, events, and local businesses/artisans that inspire me – And then writing about it.

Born and raised on the coast of Maine, I continuously find myself inspired by all that this wonderful state has to offer. Whether strolling the oceanside, relaxing by the lake, or exploring the vast forests, adventure is never far.

I have always had a desire to capture the beauty and culture of Maine, and have a found a way to do so through writing.


Contact me for collaborations, I would love to work with you (Maine/New England natives & transplants alike) in creating a piece that showcases your: Business, art, activity/adventure, rental, event, services, etc.


“I had such a seamless and exciting experience working with the Maine Born and Stayed blog. The owner is extremely talented, professional, and charismatic. Her love for Maine and her genuine interest in our business made for such a joyful collaboration.

The process was easy, timely, and greatly effective in giving us that extra step of exposure that any business can benefit from. We highly recommend working with MB&S and can promise that you will be nothing but extremely satisfied and happy you made the decision. Thank you for all you do, Maine Born and Stayed!”

Jenna Chouinard, Everlasting Escape


“Making the choice to work with Maine Born & Stayed was an easy one, a no brainer!

The owner and creator is interactive, insightful, and inspired. She creates content that people care about. The content is Maine based and her love of Maine shines through.

If you’re a small business owner based out of Maine, take the leap and collaborate with MB&S. You won’t be disappointed- it’s like making an investment in your business. JUST DO IT! You’ll thank me later. I know for me it’s been a game changer in my business.”

Dianna Lavoie, DL Chic Collection

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“It was a pleasure working with Maine Born & Stayed. The communication was top notch and I feel we developed a relationship that went far beyond just collaboration since she was so down to earth and thoughtful. She was truly interested in wanting to get to know me and learn about my product she even welcomed the idea of meeting for hot chai lattes (which were extremely delicious, I might add!)

The perspective in her storytelling has been enjoyable to follow because her heart is truly genuine. Thank you MB&S, for reaching out and wanting to share all things beautiful in our lovely state of Maine!”

Stacy Miller, Sea Love Candles


“I enjoyed working with the Maine Born and Stayed blog. MB&S asked questions about my art, my process, and a bit about my background. The write up was great, informative, and full of photos and links to my website as well as my social media. Collaboration with MB&S was an overall positive experience that I would highly recommend!”

Carol Sullivan, Fox Run Studios


“I had such a wonderful experience working with the Maine Born and Stayed blog. Our collaboration was incredibly smooth and flowed with ease. MB&S writes with an eloquent finesse that really helped to make my products shine. Thank you Maine Born & Stayed!”

Jennifer May, Sage Moon Apothecary


“What a fun experience it was working with Maine Born & Stayed! We were able to collaborate on a unique item that not only showcased what our business does, but also a product that advertised Maine Born & Stayed. We had fun creating the shirt for MB&S (with her help and input) and we were very impressed with the write-up we received on her blog and Instagram page in exchange!! Thank you Maine Born & Stayed for a memorable experience!”

Jen Bates, My Custom Swag

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“It was a pleasure working with Maine Born & Stayed. The communication was easy and MB&S did a great job of learning and writing about our product (artisan Maine blueberry dog treats) and, importantly, about our greater purpose of helping sustain rural coastal communities in Maine. We live, love, and believe in Maine, and Maine Born & Stayed was able to eloquently capture what we strive to do and how much we love our community. From this experience we gained additional followers, fans, and exposure, which helps us to grow and further expand our mission and vision.”

Cheryl Brackett, Bella Boo’s Blues

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“We really appreciate MB&S helping us tell our story to a larger audience of Mainers. Our veterans come from communities large and small from Kittery to Calais to Caribou and back, and in a state that is in many ways both small and large, reaching those smaller communities can be a challenge for an organization like ours. The interview process was professional and fun, and MB&S did a great job of reaching back to ensure that all the information in the blog was correct and accurately represented our organization. We would absolutely partner with MB&S on content again in the future.”

Devin T. Robinson, Maine Veterans’ Homes

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“We can’t say enough how fantastic it was to be contacted by Maine Born & Stayed to collaborate for her blog. We’re so thrilled to have our products written about in such a way as to take us into her life for a moment. We look forward to the opportunity in the future to collaborate again and maybe get into discussing some health benefits of the essential oil blends we use in our products and the power they put in your hands. We are all so elated that you found our healing salve something to be spread among friends. We find ourselves doing the same thing. “Ouch” “Where’s My Maine Healing Salve?” Thank you for your well spoken words and the beautiful showcase of just a sample of what we have to offer.”

Get Your Sun On

4 Sisters of the Sun


“Working with Maine Born & Stayed was simple, straightforward, and very worthwhile. The turnaround time was very prompt, which worked well with my busy schedule and the seasonality of my business. The idea of local businesses helping other local businesses succeed is just what MB&S is all about!”

Steve Rodrigue, Maine Raised Gardens

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