Equinox Guiding Service

If you are in search of a multifaceted way to get out and explore Maine, rock climbing just might be it, and Equinox Guiding Service enthusiastically awaits the opportunity to host your next adventure. Having battled a lifelong fear of heights, I was both excited and apprehensive to engage in this challenging, yet gripping activity. A friend however once described me as, “Fearless in the pursuit of adventure,” and thus here I found myself, overlooking the breathtaking landscape of Camden, Maine from the side of a 100 foot cliff, that I had just climbed…. And that I now had to rappel.

The beauty found within rock climbing is all encompassing, both internal and external. The ability to strategize your next move in order to successfully scale a rock/cliff that once seemed impossible is both mentally and physically rewarding. This sport allows for a beautiful combination, exercising both mind and body, with tremendous focus on the breath and unavoidable affirmations in every step.


Noah Kleiner and John Sidik founded Equinox Guiding Service two years ago. Noah fell in love with the sport thirteen years prior during college orientation, and has never looked back – Simply up and down. Holding a Single Pitch Instructor Certification from the American Mountain Guides Association, Noah brings a range of expertise and encouragement to the guiding process.

The experience was comfortable and motivational from beginning to end. Upon arriving, we were fitted with form fitting climbing shoes, helmets, and harnesses. Following a short hike, we arrived at Barrett’s Cove Cliff, Old Spice Slab, and Charlottes Crack. Noah took the time to walk us through the array of gear, accompanied by: Name, explanation of function and purpose, as well as demonstrations of use and strength, instilling further trust and comfort. Honoring my anxiety of heights, we were able to begin with a smaller climb. Noah offered continuous advice and guidance pertaining to safe and efficient climbing practice, while simultaneously allowing us the freedom to find our own path, creating the perfect balance.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 3.20.03 PM
Photo Provided by Equinox Guiding Service

If you’ve ever wondered why photographs of rock climbing appear as the backsplash to so many inspirational quotes, experiencing this sport first hand will provide that clarification. Any fear that I may have had was soon overcome by persistence and determination to reach my final destination. I was engaged in an ongoing evaluation, scanning the surface supporting me and strategizing the next foot and/or hand placement in order to collaboratively support my body in a shared goal of both mental and physical mutuality. I felt my anxiety dissipate, giving way to self-challenge and ultimately triumph. Supplying one final heave, I found myself standing atop a cliff that gave way to an entirely new perspective, made up of miles upon miles of beautiful Maine landscape – Sweat, smiles, and success.

If you haven’t already, get out thereEquinox Guiding Service offers 200 foot climbs in Camden, with a current capacity of groups of up to ten people. The passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm that this company shares is contagious, and if I can do it – You can. And I can promise you this, you can’t beat the view. 

“I love challenging climbers in a way that helps them grow as people. I also love teaching and working with different folks from different backgrounds. I love that climbing is an individual sport; Your only competing with yourself.” 

Noah Kleiner, Owner, Equinox Guiding Service

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